Check Out Six Area Of Learning By Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta

Preschool education can be considered one of the important children’s development. The young learner should have enough proper exposure to education, which is why Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta uses IEYC with its six areas of learning as a focus. The six areas of learning are the key to better education, which are explained in the following information.

Areas Of Learning And Development

  1. Understanding The World

Understanding the world is the first learning younger students need to grab. In this education, the students get to know more about communities, people, technology, the world, and their surrounding. The school encourages the learner to be more curious, joining many explorations to widen their knowledge.

  1. Creativity

Creative expression comes as one of the learning areas that help students to explore and express themselves. In the case of education, creativity brings more independence and excitement which is the core values of learning in kindergarten. In school, students learn it from music, dance, art, and imaginative play.

  1. Literacy

Literacy can be one of the keys to universal knowledge. Students learn communication and language through varying fun, attractive, and engaging methods. The preschool Jakarta can provide it through rhymes, stories, and information books. It will later help develop fundamental skills in reading and writing.

  1. Mathematics

Despite its more specific areas of learning, mathematics has become one of the most important aspects of learning. It is where the learner gets exposure to patterns, shapes, measurements, numbers, and also a sense of space. As a facilitator, the school is meant to help increase students’ confidence in mathematical skills for daily use.

  1. Communication And Language

Being an international standard education, Global Sevilla develop their learning with more communication and language aspect. It is about how the school encourages children to listen and speak effectively. Thus, they can express their idea, feelings, and thought. This is a key that helps children to enjoy and join being part of the community.

  1. Physical Development

The preschool Jakarta is also proud of its facilities to help provide the best physical development activities. Along with the fact that children can grow in rapid time, providing an active order and focusing on fundamental skills help students to be more confident in their lives. Students can also learn about sports, be healthy, and have fun playing with tools.

If you highlight the areas of learning, it is part of the IEYC or international early years curriculum. Global Sevilla implements the said approach and focus because it allows them to provide a more thorough and complete education. That is why preschool education is one of the best in Jakarta. So, if you want the best for your kids be sure to check Global Sevilla right now.