Indonesia is the most beautiful country in the world 2022 according to Forbes and Money UK

Indonesia was named the most beautiful country in the world in 2022 by Forbes and on 22 February 2022.

In the survey, Indonesia beat 49 other countries and got the title of the most beautiful country in the world. analyzed the ranking of the 50 most beautiful countries in the world based on several criteria. Such as, natural wonders which include coral reefs, tropical rain forests, volcanoes, glaciers and so on.

“While beauty is subjective, it is clear that these countries have a lot to offer visitors, whether you prefer adventure in the mountains or relaxing by the beach,” said’s Personal Finance Editor, Salman Haqqi.

In the survey, Indonesia is at the top of the most beautiful country in the world, with a score of 7.77 out of 10.

Awarding the title of the most beautiful country because every 100,000 square kilometers of its area, natural beauty is found such as expanses of mountains, volcanoes, and tropical forests.

Not only that, the Indonesian sea is also decorated with many coral reefs.

In fact, even though it is a tropical country, Indonesia still has a glacier located on Mount Puncak Jaya, Papua.

“Indonesia is home to more than 17,000 incredible islands and has 50,000 kilometers of coastline,” said Sal Haqqi.

Indonesia itself has a number of popular tourist destinations that offer natural beauty, including Bali, tropical forests in Sumatra and Kalimantan, as well as orangutan conservation areas in Kalimantan.

Not to forget, there is also the Komodo National Park which is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Indonesia beat a number of other countries, including New Zealand in second place with a score of 7.27 out of 10 and Colombia in third with a score of 7.16 out of 10.

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