Why do Singaporeans Call Marina Bay Sands a Boat Hotel?

Marina Bay Sands is very popular with the name ‘boat hotel’. It is hard to avoid the fact that everyone can see a ‘floating boat’ above the three towers. Of course, there are no hotels in Singapore that have a similar design. It is not surprising to know how many guests are curious about stepping on the giant boat that shows off the wonderful city panorama.

Marina Bay Sands’ Outstanding Skypark

The name represents the park that shows off the whole sky that eyes can see. The Skypark allows everyone to watch the infinite sky. Moshe Safdie, the architect, was delivering such a splendid thought by providing a giant-scaled area on the top of the 55th floor of the hotel.

Those who haven’t visited this Skypark can imagine attending a fantasy place that they usually watch in action movies. But, for those who have visited this site many times, they won’t feel bored. Everything in here is outstanding.

Stepping on the deck is already an amazing experience. When guests see the very long deck, they will be surprised that this deck has more than three hundred meters of length. Of course, the view of the bay and Marina South Pier are easy to notice. Singapore Strait is also another view that adores everyone.

Guests need to pay to enter the SkyPark. But, the cost is worth spending. You won’t feel sorry for spending even a penny in this place because it has lots of things to enjoy. Guests of the hotel get a many discounts to enter here. SkyPark hosts the famous Infinity Pool and an Italian restaurant and bar.

Nights at Marina Bay Sands With A River Cruise

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the city at night, there is a river cruise for anyone to have a great Singapore nighttime sightseeing tour. There is an experienced guide that will guide everyone to explore the fastest routes to travel around the city. There are too many highlights in Singapore to explore, so it is best to pass through the river at night.

Well, there are also some day tours by bike that Marina Bay Sands offers. Such service is also available during the stay at almost all hotels in Singapore. It is why you can not miss the chance to enjoy this wonderful tour is watching the reflection of Singapore lights from the river.

The best time to visit Singapore is all year round because it only has two seasons. It is still fun to visit this country during the rainy season because many attractive places in almost all hotels in Singapore are equipped with protection against the pouring rain. The SkyPark is also an unsheltered area so it is better to spend time during the day whenever the rain is rarely falling.

However, it is better to visit this city during the hot season from March to August. Marina Bay Sands is always fully booked during those months, so any guest should make an early booking to get the best deal of this hotel. Make sure this hotel is your main option during your stay in this opulent city.